The Salt ​Pan​

Our Story

Our journey has always been about family and food, good tasting food...

Good food is synonymous with good memories

Face it, we all ate something that was so good, it made us feel good inside, so good we wanted to share and have someone else experience the same. Food is about family, creating moments we don't want to forget, because it is joyous, spontaneous and allows us to think back to those special moments we shared with loved ones and relive them.

Why the Salt Pan?

Growing up in the dry deserts of Southern Africa, you experience family, moms cooking and just explosive flavor in almost everything you eat.

Locating here to Northern Hemisphere, resulted in an adjustment of sorts, forcing us to turn off the taste buds that allowed us to long for the flavors we were used to growing up. After too many years of missing home and family, it was time to explore and recreate some of those memories using blends of spices and herbs.

Food has always been about sharing, it not only fuels our souls, but nourishes our bodies and indirectly helps us make those new connections with others and maintain those special moments we seem to enjoy with every bite.

How true then that a joyous meal brings strangers together, helps them connect, build new friendships and share lasting moments.

This has been the foundation for the Salt Pan... when you are parsed for friendship, for new memories, use our spice to enhance the flavor of your food and you will enjoy making memories every time you share that meal with someone.